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  • Alisha Monique

#2022 Goals . . . It’s About Passion, Purpose, and Progress for Me

I’ve delayed my “2022 New Resolution” (and my regular monthly blogs for a while) because I’ve been overthinking about what grand thing I have to say. Truth is, I have been terrible about setting and keeping new year resolutions. Those resolutions like ‘lose weight,’ ‘read more books’, ‘stop procrastinating’, never worked because I wasn’t excited about them, and they weren’t aligned with a clear purpose. My mindset around goal planning and new year resolutions didn’t change until I became an entrepreneur.

Since launching my business, I have learned to be more appreciative of all wins – big and small, and the lessons learned while failing at something new.

Some 2021 Wins . . .

Secured Great Press Features. Several clients were featured in publications including NFL Films, SJ Magazine, Business Journal and more.

  • Rediscovered a Passion. I sought out speaking and teaching opportunities. I began teaching marketing and branding workshops for a nonprofit. This year, I look forward to providing input on future content and curriculum for workshops (more to come on that!).

  • Achieved an Academic Milestone. I successfully defended my research proposal and I’m closer to becoming the first doctor in my family.

To make progress on all my goals and projects, I had to sharpen my focus and establish stronger boundaries. This change required me to break up with a few clients and build a better support system. In addition to a new mentor, I’m grateful for the more opportunities to apply what I have learned.

Lessons for 2022 . . .

  • Learn to say ‘No’ to protect your ‘Yes’. I will tell clients ‘No’ when the project doesn’t align with my purpose and/or defined scope of work. Last year, I learned that it’s easy to take on extra tasks for the sake of pleasing a new client. I also learned that approach takes time away from you and your other clients.

  • Give Myself Permission to Dream and Create. I will be intentional about creating, learning, and evaluating more often. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I waited until the end of the year to reflect. Now, I reflect on goals and celebrate achievements throughout the year.

For 2022, not much has changed. I am keeping the same authentic vibe and going after all goals with passion and purpose. I will continue placing a bold bet on myself and my business.

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