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  • Alisha Monique

Case Study: Closing the Digital Divide and Addressing Inequities in Camden City School District

The Camden City School District’s vision is “all Camden students will attend a high-quality school where they are valued, challenged, and prepared for college and careers that positively impact their community and the world.” When faced with a global pandemic, the District had to quickly pivot to implement remote learning and address new challenges.

Prior to COVID related school closures, we recognized that the public school system was unequal. Surveys also showed that only 30% of Camden students had internet access and a laptop or tablet available at home. In order for the District to remain true to its mission and bridge the digital divide, we worked closely with several community partners and philanthropic donors to raise $400,000. As a result, we were able to address access to technology and purchase Chromebooks/Tablets and Wi-Fi for students K-12 during the remote learning period.

Through intentional and mission focused outreach, we garnered positive media coverage in national and local media outlets including CNN,, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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