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  • Alisha Monique

“I am not throwing away my shot.”

“I am not throwing away my shot!” If you’re a Hamilton fan then you’ll get the reference. If you’re not a fan – then why are we friends?

June 2020, I finally filed for my LLC and created Alisha Monique Public Relations. My company was something I dreamed about and wrote about in my journal. I wondered what my website would look like for almost five years before pulling the trigger. I didn’t start getting serious about my brand until 2019 when I asked Anna, owner and creative genius of Hibiscus Brand Management to help me with my logo. They have since developed my website and helped maintain a pretty badass brand.

In PR, calculated risks are a constant. For years, I calculated risks for other companies, ensured their positive presence in traditional and social media. Every project was carefully prepared for them. Yet I had not taken the time to prepare for my own company or brand. Then a horrible boss experience reminded me that it’s time to take my shot. And I’m glad I didn’t hesitate!

Happy Anniversary to Alisha Monique Public Relations!

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