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  • Alisha Monique

Improving Employee Engagement

Employees are the most important stakeholder within any organization, yet more effort is usually put into engaging with external audiences. According to, when employees are engaged organizations experience lower turnover, increased customer satisfaction, and increased success.

Employees can become disengaged if/when they feel like they’re invisible. Therefore, it's important to create a culture that fosters a sense of comfortability and camaraderie. It is especially important to engage employees in major company changes. In this interview with fellow communications professional and Founder of The Comms Effect, Danielle Tyler, I identify a unique tactic to improve employee engagement:

Side note . . I was especially grateful for the opportunity to share my experience on improving employee engagement. This experience was especially unique because I’m usually the one behind the camera. Next steps for me .... media training refresher and more speaking engagements.


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