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  • Alisha Monique

InStyle: 2021 Badass Women

Last year, I had the honor of working with the LEPR agency on the launch of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation. The foundation was created to uphold George Floyd's legacy of mentorship and service, and to fight for national police reform. Since its inception, the foundation has provided meals to the homeless and partnered with many organizations like the National Urban League.

During this project, I watched Bridgett turn her "pain into purpose", find her authentic voice and become a true badass. In the past year, she has participated in rallies and protests, encouraged communities of color to vote and launched a successful foundation. I was thrilled when she was named #1 on InStyle magazine's annual '50 Women Making the World a Better Place'. Did I mention that she's also on the cover of the February issue too?

I look forward to seeing what's next for all of the badass women mentioned in the feature.


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