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  • Alisha Monique

Maintaining Connections During the Pandemic

COVID-19 requires a new strategy for all organizations, especially when it comes to overall digital presence and many businesses – especially small businesses – realized they were not ready. While most have a web presence, it is outdated when it comes to communicating effectively with all of our stakeholders. Their websites might be is failing their businesses in one of more of the following areas: poor design and navigation, outdated content and photos, and limited information on their leadership.

According to Hibiscus Brand Management, opinions about a business are made up before they have interacted with the company or its employees. Websites, social media, etc. inform these opinions. As long as businesses remain closed, staff are working remote, and in-person events and meetings are limited for the unforeseeable future, it is critical for organizations to have a digital presence that communicates essential information and provides the best experience possible for their trusted and valued stakeholders.

An upgraded online presence – both website and social media can:

· Increase brand presence

· Improve user-experience

· Improve current client relations and attract new customers to borrowers / lenders.

· Increase brand credibility

I’m excited for clients, like Carolina Small Business Development Fund (CSBDF), who are revamping their digital presence in order to survive and thrive beyond COVID-19. This month, they launched a new digital newsletter with a welcome message from the President and CEO. CSBDF will also launch their new website this spring!

If you’re ready to discuss your organization’s communications and public relations strategies, let us know! We want to help you create something amazing that reflects your business’ authentic voice.


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