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  • Alisha Monique

My NFL Films Experience: The Camden Comeback

Public relations is a long-term game. It takes time to build relationships with journalists / media companies. It requires consistent time commitment. You have to have something newsworthy to say and you need to be creative. This is a conversation that I have often with new and current clients. I don't blame them for expecting to see their name in print immediately following an interview.

During a recent project with NFL Films, I had to remind myself that public relations is a long-term game (especially during a pandemic). The mini-documentary is an example of time commitment and creativity. Meetings and initial interviews for this project with NFL Films started in January 2020 and culminated in an amazing feature in December 2020 that aired on FS1.

Supporting my former colleague Preston Brown and former student athletes at Woodrow Wilson High School in this process was an honor. Watching them develop live and recorded interview skills made me proud - especially because I know these skills will serve them well throughout their careers. Working with NFL Films was a great learning experience for me. Despite the delay in production, the final story was told at the right time. I believe the Woodrow Wilson's football team will receive more support from the community and other organizations as a result of the national feature.

And seeing my name in the credits was pretty cool too!


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